"Before Jason joined our team, the prototype data system used by our small team met our immediate needs, was better than anything else we'd ever had before, and it worked. But it wasn't well documented and could not absorb much more data without compromising performance.

Jason's technical expertise and sound knowledge of current BI trends and technologies led us down a better road. He designed a moder data warehouse and developed a stable, sustainable solution with automated data integration and infrastructure to support a production environment for the organization of users.

I am consistently amazed by Jason's ability to seamlessly translate complex business requirements into workable solutions. Our entire organization has benefitted greatly from his commitment to getting things right, his unique knack for elevating our collective knowledge, and closing the gap between business and IT."

Jodi Bromley, Senior Analyst
Business Analytics Centre, Department of Justice

"I would like to express my highest possible recommendation for Jason Annable. I worked with Jason at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada as he completed a consulting project where, during his tenure, he built a data warehouse that supported the division's analytic cubes which generated the highest level of scalability and performance for custom implementations. Jason worked closely with the data development team, as well as independently, to design and develop effective models, features, and algorithms involving user activities and interests. The changes he implemented enabled the streamlining of processes which significantly improved the work flow while educating staff about best practices and the development of new strategies.

Jason's exceptional and innovative ability to perform regular research and gather new statistical evidence at every opportunity has only been surpassed by his compelling aptitude to present findings and recommendations for improvements. Not only was he capable of developing creative solutions and interpretations, but was able to explain and communicate the benefits enthusiastically to senior management as well as those who were willing to learn.

I highly recommend Jason as he has proven to be a dedicated team player that will bring valuable insight and a wealth of knowledge and skills to any organization. His ability to provide professional and ethical advice for business designs and solutions will improve your business in such a way that will enhance growth and maximize efficiency."

Chantal Powell, Senior Research and Evaluation Advisor
Research & Evaluation, Immigration Refugees & Citizenship Canada